Lyle is a village of no mean pretensions

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Thursday, June 29, 1876
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A recent visit to Lyle convinces us that it is a village of no mean pretensions. Aside from the fact that it has a municipal organization and a local government of its own, there is much in the character of its business and in the intelligence of its people to convey the ida that it has a substantial foundation for business property. Nearly every department of ordinary-unless it be that of saloon-keeping-seems to be overdone.

There is a quiet thoughtfulness manifested by the business men quite at variance from what is often seen in young villages. We believe that no one can go to Lyle and spend a day without being impressed with the idea that its leading citizens are substantial, sensible, industrious and honorable.

Being the focus of a large wheat trade, Lyle must of necessity always be a good trading point, and consequently a pleasant place to live. Under the direction of the authorities streets are being graded, sidewalks laid, and many other improvements made which will add very much both to the convenience and benefit of the village. We are pleased to see such positive proof a prosperous business as we found at the "State Line City."