Lyle terminus of Minn. & N.-W.

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Wednesday, October 21, 1885
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Once again the iron has entered the soul of the Austin contingent. After giving a bonus, and assisting in booming the M. & N. road, that corporation has unfeelingly located its shops twelve or fourteen miles below Austin. 'Twas ever so. Albert Lea has in days gone by aspired to have railroad shops; so has Waseca, likewise Owatonna, the city of the "indignant" school. Let us all arise and sing.- Albert Lea Enterprise.

Not exactly right, Mr. Enterprise. Lyle, 11 miles south of Austin, is the present terminus of the Minn. & N. W., and there the Company is building several side-tracks, a round-house, &c. We could not expect these improvements to be made at Austin, considering that the terminus of the road was not here. And as for shops, there are to be none at Lyle; they are to be at West St. Paul.