Lyle column: rebuilding after fire, new bank

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Wednesday, June 3, 1891
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The C., St. P. & K. C. Co. have commenced building a new depot.

J. K. Clark has completed his new residence and taken possession.

A. O. Myhre and wife have gone to Emmett county, Iowa, for two weeks visit.

P. K. Everson went to Chicago last Thursday, where he will buy a new stock of wagons.

Lund & Lindland occupy a part of Peter Hanson's harness shop with what remains of their

A new bank is among the many improvements being added to Lyle. A. H. Anderson is to be
our banker.

Mrs. Belle Carlson and son, of Helene, Mont., are visiting their parents, Capt. and Mrs. William
Stanley. They will remain about two months.

Capt. William Stanley received a very welcome communication from Uncle Sam last week. It
contained a check for about $500, back pension.

Henry Toter, formerly president of the Lyle Creamery Company, has sold the north eight acres
of the site to Peter Hildebrand. Consideration, $600 cash.

Mrs. L. S. Olson is putting up a new residence on the corner next to the Methodist church. We
are informed that is will probably be occupied by two families.

Mrs. A. D. Couse, of Minneapolis, is visiting at the home of L. W. Sherman. Mr. Couse is new
assisting us in rebuilding our city. He expects to move his family back to Lyle again in the fall.

Hildebrand has commenced work on his new hotel. The plans were drawn by architect Kinney,
of Austin and is done in his cleverest style. The building, when completed will be a dandy.

John Myhre now occupies a temporary single story building in which he is doing a rushing business
closing out his old stock. He will build a fine two story brick block and fill it with an entire new stock
of goods.

Hunting & Co.'s new warehouse is a mammoth affair and is a big improvement over the old one, size
30x100, with 14 foot posts. The Interstate Grain Company also have their new warehouse completed
and it is also a great improvement over the old one.

E. L. Stanley is kept busy writing insurance now days. Mr. Stanley wrote all the insurance carried in Lyle
before the fire except $100. The very satisfactory adjustments made by the companies which he represents
is now bringing him lots of business.