Lyle column: Hildebrand purchase, fire scare

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Wednesday, September 5, 1888
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Holner Knuston, who has been under the doctor's care for about one year, is apparently improving.

Mr. and Mrs. Cause buried their little daughter Grace last week. Her sickness was protracted and
painful. Many friends and neighbors sympathize with them.

The lock-up has been moved to the park, near the council building and a new building erected for
storing the patent four-horse road scraper. We would give our opinion of the utility of that scraper,
but as it might offend some one we withhold it.

P. Hildebrant bought the old Riensmitt shop building and has moved it onto his lot on main street,
and will use it for storing livery rigs. Should he make stable of it, it would not be as offensive as some
other places that are allowed on the same street.

Miss Moor gave an entertainment in the Congregational church professedly for the benefit of a prospective
oprhans' home. It was pronounced "thin" and many think she is the orphan. It seems to us that a church is
hardly the appropriate place for such trash.

The two Mrs. Stanleys and George returned from a visit at Kenyon last week. They speak in flattering terms
of Kenyon and the country about there. The captain's wife has had poor health this summer, but her visit
made a marked improvement in her. We hope her health may still improve.

The prospect is now that our present postmaster will on account of offensive partisanship (belonging to
another party) be obliged to vacate not many months hence. We regret it on some accounts as he has given
general satisfaction. His lady deputies have been very efficient and obliging, as well as good looking.

Last week we had the first alarm of fire we have had in Lyle for years. The residence of Mr. Wenham caught
fire in the L part, but was extinguished before doing much damage. Had it got beyond control that probability
is that all the residences on that side of the block would have been consumed, as the wind was in the south.
There are quite a number of fire extinguishers in town, but in the excitement no one thought of them.