Lyle boy's slaying trial to be open to media

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Wednesday, November 24, 1982
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Lyle boy's slaying trial to be open to media

By Staff Writer

The juvenile court trial of a Lyle, Minn., boy accused of killing his former teacher will be open to the press, Judge Harold G. Krieger of Rochester said Tuesday.

Krieger said news media representatives must agree not to disclose the boy's name, physical characteristics, relatives, addresses, family history or any other fact that could directly or indirectly identify him or his family. The judge also warned that photographs, tape recordings and sketches are not be made during the trial.

Krieger said any person who violates the order will be punished for contempt of court.

"Contempt of court, to me, means a trip to the sheriff's hotel," said Krueger. "If anybody disobeys the order, I'll ask all of the media to leave."

The 14-year-old boy is charged with shooting Sharon Turnbull, 33, through a screen door with a .22 caliber rifle as she watched television in her house Aug. 6.

The request to open the case to the press was made by news media attorneys.