Knud Erickson obituary

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Tuesday, January 1, 1895
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A Fatal Accident.

Knud Erickson Killed by the Cars Three Miles North of Lyle.

When the passenger train from the north arrived last Tuesday at 1:11pm it brought the mutilated body of Knud Erickson, son of O.D. Erickson, the tailor of Mona. He had been struck by the train and his head was covered with blood and dirt and he presented a frightful appearance. He was still alive although unconscious, in which condition he remained until 12:30 a.m., the following morning, when he died. Engineer Al. Mattice says that he did not see the man owing to the very dense fog, until the engine was within a few rods of him. He was lying on the east side of the track with his head resting on the east rail and the cape of his mackintosh was thrown over his head. The pilot of the engine struck his head with terrible force. The train was stopped as soon as possible and it was backed up to where the unfortunate man lay. He was placed in the baggage car and brought to Lyle, where willing hands conveyed him to Dr. Cobb's office. An ugly wound was found on the right side of his head above the ear and blood was oozing from his right ear, which indicated that a blood vessel had been ruptured in his head causing the hemorrhage. His right arm was also badly crushed.

When the trainmen picked him up they found upon his person a quart bottle nearly full of alcohol and also an empty pint bottle, and the natural supposition is that he became beastly intoxicated and had lain down to sleep it off.

There can be no blame attached to the railroad company or its employees, as the dense fog which prevailed at the time would prevent the engineer from seeing any object on the track in time to stop his train. No inquest was held as it was not considered necessary. The funeral was held yesterday at three o'clock from his father's home in Mona.