Killed by Cars At Mona - O. N. Hegna

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Funeral Notice
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Wednesday, December 6, 1922
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Mr. O. N. Hegna, of Austin, Killed By Noon Passenger at Mona On Last Saturday

Mr. O. N. Hegna, of Austin, Minnesota, who was engaged in hauling wood with a Ford truck was killed at the Mona crossing by the north-bound passenger Saturday noon. Mr. Hegna had been down to the Reierson farm, south of Mona and had loaded up a load of wood to take to Austin. According to the best accounts he seemed to have been confused. It is supposed that he was driving a Ford which he had owned only three weeks, while he been accustomed to driving a Buick that he stepped on the wrong lever in attempting to stop the car, and was carried directly in front of that moving train. The car was entirely demolished and he was injured so severely that he died without regaining consciousness.

Mr. Hegna was married three years ago on Thanksgiving Day to Miss Jennie Reierson, who is a cousin of Miss Nellie Reierson, of St. Ansgar. Miss Reierson and her mother were up to the funeral at Austin yesterday.

Mr. Hegna was buried at Mona.