Joseph Follmuth obituary

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Friday, January 1, 1932
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Funeral services were held at Mona, Iowa last Thursday for Joe Follmuth, who passed away at the hospital here last Tuesday, following an operation for appendicitis. He was 48 years old. Following the operation he was reported as doing well. His wife was ill and unable to attend the funeral services, therefore Rev. Henry Noss conducted a short service at the home, previous to the service at Mona Lutheran church. Burial was in Pleasant Hill cemetery.

Joseph A. Follmuth was born Jan. [illegible:?] 1884 near Manly, Iowa. In 1909 he married Lizzie Kleinwert[illegible:Kleinwort?] who died in 1921. On March 8, 1923 he was married to Marie Hanson and 2 children were born, Lorraine who is 8 years old and Ruth, 2 years.

The passing of Mr. Follmuth marks just 19 years on the day since his mother died. His father passed away 10 years ago. Beside the wife and 2 children there are 5 brothers John, Edward and Laurence at home; Albert at Glenville, Minn. and George at Osage, Iowa, also 5 sisters Mrs. F. Clineman, Terrace Mn., Mrs. Han Kuhlman, Kenseth, Iowa; Mrs. E. C. Seater and Mrs. Alfred Peterson, Northwood Iowa and Emma Follmuth at home.