Ingeborg Strand obituary

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Friday, January 8, 1932
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In Memory of Mrs. K. O. Strand

Gone from her home, a mother so
We are sad, our hearts ache, today,
She was kind, gentle, loving, sincere.
Could she speak to us, she would say,
I have slipped away to the homeland,
To my mansion, wondrous, fair:
Rejoice with me then in my gladness,
Remember, I've left every care.

Grieve not for the home that I lived
As you lay it away 'neath the sod:
Remember the one who dwelt in it,
Has gone to be with her God.
For me He has finished a mansion
In the home-land over the sea;
He had it all ready and waiting,
And so He has come after me.

And in it I shall dwell forever
Away from all sickness and pain,
For Jesus has purchased my freedom
And cleansed me from every stain.
My Jesus who loved me so dearly.
For my life has paid with His own,
Has called me away to be with Him,
As He reigns on His beautiful throne.

For all kindness shown, while with
Dear Ones, My Lord will repay.
Let Him save you, keep trusting, be
Then in Heaven, we'll meet some day.