Idore Torgeson Rites In Alaska

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Thursday, March 16, 1961
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Idore Torgeson Rites In Alaska

A former Lyle man, Idore Torgeson, age 60, of Ketchikan, Alaska was buried there March 6 after being shot to death by Ernest A. Pinkerton also age 60, an Alaska Pulp Mill employee.

Torgeson and his wife, who operated a Bar, were enroute home when Torgeson was shot at close range while they were walking home near the Presbyterian church.

Torgeson had refused serving him more drinks just before closing time. Pinkerton has been charged with second degree murder.

Idore, the son of the (late Mr. and Mrs. Ole Torgeson) was born near Lyle and attended the Minnereka school. He also lived at Austin before going to Alaska in 1935 where he was a Halibut fisherman before operating a Bar.

He is survived by his wife Mayrene, and a daughter Jeness, 17, and two sons, Duane, 16, and Donald 13. Also two sisters Mrs. Carl (Amanda) Rice of Austin, Minnesota and Millie of Minneapolis; two brothers Thorman of Naytihwaush, Minnesota and Leonard of Minneapolis.