Hans B. Kittleson obituary

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Friday, May 12, 1899
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HANS B. KITTLESON was born at Kroger, Norway, June 11th, 1878 and died at Whitten, Iowa, of typhoid fever, May 5th, 1899, aged nearly twenty-one years.

The deceased was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kittleson, and was left an orphan in infancy, his mother dying when he was but two years of age and his father a couple of years later. He and a little sister were thus thrown on the mercy of the world at a tender age. His sister the only member of the family now remaining was adopted by a family in Minneapolis where she still resides and Hans was taken and cared for by Mrs. Olson and subsequently by Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Olson with whom he made his home until a year ago when he left to accept a position a operator on the Chicago & Northwestern.

Hans Kittleson was beloved by all who knew him. He was bright, intelligent and of a kind and modest disposition. There was no kinder hearted boy- courteous and gentlemanly in his conduct towards all, he had the friendship of everyone. He had the qualities for the making of a good man. He had character and was upright, industrious and ambitious. Too ambitious, poor boy. Ambition killed him. He would not abandon his post even when sick until his malady had almost reached a fatal state.

The funeral was held from the Congregational church Sunday a. m., Rev. Cram preaching the sermon. Six boys from among the friends of the deceased acted as pall bearers. The large attendance of friends, schoolmates and companions attested their love and affection for him and their unfeigned sorrow for his untimely death. The remains were buried at Six Mile Grove.