Grace Thompson-Johnson obituary

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Tuesday, September 15, 1936
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Age 32 Yrs-1 Month-2 Days

A message stating that Mrs. Dorwin Johnson of Minneapolis was critically ill at St. Luke's hospital summoned the Tom Thompson and Art Fortun families to Minneapolis Friday. They were accompanied by Mrs. Theodore Johnson.

Grace Johnson remained conscious until her death which occurred Sept. 15 at 8:00 A. M.

The husband, Dorvan Johnson, who has been a patient at the U. S. Veterans Hospital, Fort Snelling Post, for four years, was taken to St. Lukes in an ambulance, and was carried in on a stretcher to see his wife, before she passed away.

Grace Lillian Johnson was born Aug. 13, 1904, to Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Thompson of Lyle Minn. She was baptized and confirmed in Our Saviors Lutheran church, at Lyle, Minnesota, and was married to Dorvan [illegible:?] Johnson, at Indianapolis, Ind. on Sept. 26, 1926. To them one son, Don William, was born. He was 6 years, June 2. He has for some time made his home with his aunt, Mrs. Arthur Fortun., and his grandfather.

Mrs. Johnson's mother, Mrs. T. B. Thompson, passed away April 14, 1911. From that time the daughters took up the duties of home making. The eldest, Mrs. Roy (Alice) Volstad now lives at Indianapolis, Ind.; and Mrs. Arthur Fortun with her father in the old home, at Lyle Minn. One brother, Clifford of Badger, Minn., also survives the dear one who has passed on. Both he and Mrs. Volstad were here for the funeral, which was held Thursday afternoon.