Fred Dahl obituary

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Thursday, January 1, 1925
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Mitchell County, Iowa, Wednesday,


Last Saturday afternoon a double tragedy happened in the St. Croix river, near Osceola, Wisconsin, when Fred and Glen Dahl, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dahl of Lyle, met their death by drowning.

The older young man Fred had been conducting evangelistic meetings at Osceola and had been joined the previous week by Glen, who assisted him by playing the violin. They had gone to the river to swim and had started to go out of the water when they decided to take another dive. It is thought they were caught by a strong undertow in the river. One body was recovered that night and the other on Sunday morning.

Two other young men, who had also been assisting at the meetings, were with them at the time.

The bodies were shipped to Lyle and funeral services held at the home Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock.

Fred, who was 22 years of age had completed two years at a Bible School in Minneapolis in preparation for the ministry, and Glen, 18 years old, had just graduated from high school. Their father, Henry Dahl, is a nehew of J. H. Olsen of St. Ansgar.