Frank Machacek suicide

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surname should be spelled "Machacek"
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Wednesday, September 27, 1882
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-Suicide. -Saturday afternoon last, Frank Machack, a Bohemian, living in Lyle township, about twelve miles south of Austin, committed suicide by shooting himself through the left breast with a shot gun. He was found dead in his own yard soon after the shooting, with the gun lying by his side.

He was about 60 years of age, and it is a singular fact, that he is the father-in-law of one Funda, from the same neighborhood, who suicided only about two months ago. It is difficult to get at the direct cause of the suicide.
Some attribute it to family troubles, and others to something else. It is said he had made several attempts to killing himself before.

He was the fourth husband of his present wife, and she his second wife. Coroner Hollister held an inquest, the jury rendering a verdict of suicide in accordance with the facts above stated.

Monday Rev. Lathrop conducted the funeral services-as did he of Funda several weeks before.