Eugene Wood Hughson obituary

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Friday, July 19, 1895
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Eugene Wood Hughson.

It becomes my sad and grateful privilege to write a few words of tribute to the memory of the above young man, who died at his home, near Lyle, Mower county, Minn., July 10th, at 2:15 a. m., of acute Bright's disease. Eugene Wood Hughson was born January 5th, 1869, on the farm where he died, and was therefore but twenty-six years old. He was with his mother all of his life and until recently in partnership with his brother, John W. Hughson, conducting the farm, but latterly had been engaged in threshing and other farm work for his neighbors. He had been ailing most of the winter, but did not take to his bed until about three weeks ago, and hopes of his recovery were entertained up to the day before his death, but the disease had a turn for the worse and he passed away at the hour mentioned above.

I had known Mr. Hughson for some eight years, and am glad to say he was a good son and brother, loyal to the core to his kindred and friends and always ready to give a helping hand to any of them who were unfortunate, giving freely of his hard-earned wages to assist any who were in need of such assistance. He was steady, energetic and faithful in performing his life's duties, and had he lived would undoubtedly have been one of Mower county's solid farmers and made his mark in the sphere in which he moved.

Mr. Hughson leaves a widowed mother, Mrs. M. L. Hughson, two brothers, John and George, and a married sister, Mrs. W. M. Brooke, to mourn his untimely cutting off.

The friends and neighbors of the family called in great numbers to tender their sympathy and possible aid, both during his illness and after his death, for which the family feel very grateful.

"All are not taken, three are left behind,
Living, beloved, tender looks to bring
And make the daylight still a happy thing,
And tender voices to make soft the wind."
W. M. B.