Elliott Arneson obituary

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Friday, March 3, 1911
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Since our last issue, another citizen of this community has been called to leave the cares and perplexities of this life and enter the great beyond, from whence no traveler returns.

Elliot Arneson was born in Grue, Solor, Norway January 14, 1849, and was the son of Arne Torkelson and Olea Olsen Torkelson. At the age of 19, he came to America and located in this vicinity. He found ready employment as a farm hand in Mitchell County until 1890 when he purchased a farm adjoining that of his brother, Theo. Arneson. It was on that farm where he made his home for 20 years that he was found dead on Feb. 23rd.

For some years he had suffered with rheumatism and heart trouble, but his condition was not considered serious until about 3 weeks ago when he suffered a severe attack. He had seemingly recovered and was able to be about again. His sudden death is mourned by a sister in Norway and one brother, Theo., of this locality besides a large circle of friends.

The funeral was held at the Mona Lutheran church and interment was made in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Rev. Esser had charge of the service.