Don Johnson obituary

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Saturday, October 11, 1941
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Many Attend Don Johnson's Funeral
Here Tuesday Afternoon

Don William Johnson was born on June 2, 1930 to Grace and Dorvin Johnson. They made their home on farm near Lyle until Don was three years old, when his father's health necessitated his being hospitalized in the Veteran's Hospital in Minneapolis. Grace Johnson, following her desire to be with her husband, sacrificed the companionship of her son, and moved to Minneapolis, placing Don in the home of her sister, and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fortun of Lyle. They and Mr. Thompson the child's grandfather; tenderly and devotedly cared for him. When Don was six years old, his mother was taken by death and he continued in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fortun and attended school in Lyle. At the age of 8, he was placed in Gillette Hospital for Cripple Children in St. Paul; where he received surgical care for a period of 13 months.

Later on Mr. Johnson's improved health permitted his leaving the hospital, and he established a home at Nisswa; Minn. This made it possible for Don to spend the summer months with his father and step mother.

Don was baptized in the Lutheran faith as a child and attended the Lutheran Sunday School in Lyle. In spite of physical handicaps and long absences from the school room, he kept pace with the average child in his educational work.

Don's health failed gradually, and after several weeks' severe illness, he passed away at the hospital in Austin, Minn. October 11th 1941.

The survivors are his father and step-mother Mr. and Mrs. Dorvin Johnson of Nisswa, Minnesota.

The funeral was held at the Lyle Lutheran church, Tuesday afternoon, a large number being in attendance. Rev. Langehough conducted the service, and the Jordan morticians of Austin had charge. Interment was in Pleasant Hill cemetery.

Yes Don, there is a life beyond this
earthly suffering pain
What you have lost here on earth
in heaven you will gain.
We can not see God's mansion above
but we know that God is wisdom,
God is love.
Yes, we will miss you Donnie Boy;
and Son
But God wills the finish of your
earthly race that's just begun.
The breaking of those ties of love
makes us shed tears of sorrow,
And through Jesus' love we hope to
meet you and your Mother
In God's Tomorrow,