Chester Nelson obituary

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Friday, October 5, 1906
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Mrs. Nelson request us to publish the following: Chester Howard Nelson, the two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nelson died suddenly, Monday morning September 24. He was taken sick Sunday with [illegible: cholera infantum?]. He was born Aug. 18, 1904 was laid to rest at Six Mile Grove cemetery Wednesday Sept. 27 1906.

Somebody's baby went home today,
And somebody grieved at it's going
Somebody hoped it had come to stay
And somebody's tears are flowing.

Somebody longs for the form again
Only one moment to hold it,
Somebody thinks it would case the
hearts pain.
Just once again to enfold it,

Somebody's arms are empty and free
Aimlessly, uselessly lying,
Somebody trying so prayerfully now
To still the lonely heart crying.

Somebody's baby is glad it was born
Praises ring down thru the ages,
Somebody's baby knew little this
Now it knows more than the ages.