Charley Everson obituary

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Thursday, February 1, 1951
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Trailer House Fire
C. Everson Victim

News of the tragic death of Charley Everson of St. Ansgar Sunday evening reached Lyle the next morning and was a shock to his old acquaintances.

Mr Everson had been living in a trailer house on the lot where Mr and Mrs Harold Libersky had a house, Mrs Libersky was his daughter. The flames were discovered at 10:45; when the trailer was rapidly being consumed. The fire dept. soon had the flames under control but too late to save the vehicle. Mr Everson's charred body was found in the debris.

The deceased was well known in this community. He was born on the old Everson farm due south of Mona 75 years ago. Later the family moved to a farm a mile S E of Mona where he continued to live until about 18 months ago, when he sold his farm and moved to St Ansgar where he passed away.