Capt. Stanley list of petitioners

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seems to be related to a scandal with Sherman Page. List of people and years is interesting
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Thursday, August 22, 1878
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Old Settlers.

When it was told Captain Stanley, of Lyle, that the 1,500 petitioners' names included many tramps and unknown persons, he rose in his might and prepared a list of the names in his and an adjoining township, with residences and the number of years each has lived in the county. The list is found in the communication below, and and examination proves there are only eleven that have been here a less number of years that the Captain himself, and he has been here three years.

And adding all together we find that the average length of time for each name is TEN YEARS, and that fifty-one of the men whose names are on the list have been in the county longer than Page himself! The remainder of the list is undoubtedly of the same kind. Of course it is useless to expect anything but foul lies from our home paper, but we pay this much attention to the case for the benefit of our exchanges and this is a sample of the lies we have to meet. They call "tramps," men who have lived in the county an average of ten years, and of whom nearly one-half have lived here longer than Page himself.

LYLE, MINN., August 12, 1878,
To the Editor of the Transcript:
"Old Hotch," in his issue of the 8th, says:

"Mr. Stanley here presented the judge a roll
"of paper, which on inspection proved to con-
"tain a list of names all in the hand writing
"of three or four persons, and evidently made
"up to suit the taste of the conspirators, but
"having no original signatures nor evidence
"that the persons whose names appear, live
"in this county or state. The names are large-
"ly transient persons-tramps, interspersed
"with a few others-to give the appearance of

In presenting this "roll of papers," I never stated it to be the original, but a certified copy of the originals, after a careful comparison of them by myself. In my anxiety to get away and catch the out-going train, I forgot to inform Judge Page that the
original petitions were in the possession of Lyman D. Baird, Esq., where they could be inspected by an person desiring so to do, but informed him by postal card, before leaving the depot in Austin.

As regards the names of transient persons, tramps, &c., &c., on the petitions from this part of the county, I herewith send you a list of the names from Lyle Village and Township, and Nevada Township, that appear thereon, with their place of residence and length of time they have resided in the county:

W Stanley 3
E H Stone 1
Severin Nelson 5
F W A Poppe 1
W [Illegible: Gerbig?] 7
R H [illegible:Scarf?] 1 1/2
Lewis A Oleson 5
James S Johnson 2 1/2
L Schulstad 3
Ole Nelson 21
Peter Hanson 4
John Schumacher 3 1/2
William Moran 10
John S Johnson [illegible 2 1/2]
John Reinsmith 5
[illegible:Th.?] Irgens 14
Al Reed 3
J S Irgens 21
F M Andreasson 1
M Hanson 13
A O Myhre 4 1/2
J H Sherman 4
E O Fausett 6
Erick Knutson [illegible: 19?]
John Olson 3 1/2
L S Olson 5
F Jerabek 4
A C Johnson 16
John Halvorson 13
B D Hedemark 4
Jacob Jenson 4
J B Hildebrand 17
Ira Wheelock 1
K Knudson 8
A J Thompson 2
D H Lucken 4
P Kundson 14
Andrew Johnson 5
S Ellison 2

Orlando Wilder 24
Wilson [illegible:? Beach] 23
Henry Moshier 20
Wm Hecker 3
R F Cook 9
W A Hunter 4
Foster B Owen 21
Calvin H Owen 22
W H Martin 14
A Howard 4
W S [illegible:Waugh?] 3
N S Bowers 7
M E Bowers 7
H Halstead 11
F C Cress 3
John McCann 2
Arne O Berg 5
C M [illegible:Pace?] 20
Calvin G Powers 22
C Granger 21
Christian [illegible:Gaukel?] 1
O H Brown 12
John McCanna 12
H [illegible:Diekmann?] 1
N E [illegible:?] 20
Joe Damon 3
J K Clark 6
A G Strand 4
Shedd Wilder 20
John Beach 22
N Van Wart 7
O B Dearborn 10
W L Barnum 14
Edward Potter 12
H A Strong 6
J C Owen 21
L G Martin 14
J T Somers 4
E D Amos 22
J S Bowers 7
Dilason Moshier 23
M O Wilson 4
Wm West 20
Laurits Nelson 21
H Weseman 13
I B Nicholls 5
H A Sprague 7
Theo Hanson 1 1/2
Henry Churchill 3
John Eddy 16
Ole Osmundson 3
J M Whitford 9
H [illegible:Wyhoeney?] 6
John Loftus 1
L D Carter 14

Gunder Knutson 16
H C Anderson 25
Ole Anderson [illegible:22?]
Chris [illegible: Jerguson?] 7
K [illegible: A?] 16
Knut [illegible:S Everson? 3]
K [illegible: T 20?]
Samuel E[illegible:? 20]
Sherwin [illegible:C? 16]
[illegible: E D ?] 21
Jacob [illegible: J?] 16
Evan [illegible: ?] 16
Halvor O [illegible: Rue] 16
Andrew Peterson [illegible: 16?]
Nels Oleson 21
Frank Ulwelling 9
David Nelson 16
Erick Hoff 3
T[illegible: ? Guttormason?] 16
Peter Martin [illegible: 26?]
M P Martin [illegible: 29?]
J S [illegible: dahl?] 2
J [[illegible: Christofferson?] 7
Nic Ulwelling 9
Ole Sampson [illegible:26?]
Sven Jacobson [illegible:29?]
Knut [illegible: Jacobson?] 16
J G Johnson 4
Ole [illegible: Fredrickson?] 4

Respectally, W. STANLEY.