Burghard Produce In Lyle Closed

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Thursday, April 11, 1974
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Burghard Produce in Lyle Closed

The Burghard Produce, Lyle, owned by Fred and Nell Burghard of Chicago closed March 30 after being in business in Lyle the past 22 years.

Eggs in the Lyle area are being picked up by Loren Denisen and Darcy Strouf, then are picked up by the Cambridge Egg co. at Cambridge, Minn. Before the produce closed at Lyle there were 12 employees besides the plant manager, Loren Denisen and his wife, Lola who was employed in the office.

During the plant's operation, two to three semi loads of 23,000 cases of eggs were trucked weekly to Burghard's in Chicago and during Easter and Christmas the shipments were larger.

The plant at Lyle had used the machine grading system since 1961. When the trucked eggs came in from the farms they were unloaded by conveyor belts into the coolers. The next step was candling and grading all by auto lifters, then passed to the washer and drying and then candled by two employees. Then they were machine weighed which divided them into five separate grades from pee wee, small, small, large and jumbos. From here the vacuum lifters packed them to the closing and dating machine, then to the round table from where they were packed into cases of various amounts ranging from 15 dozen flats to 24 and 30 dozen cases. After the final case dating and closing they went back to the coolers until time for shipping.