In Memory of Little Bernice Verna Volstad.

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Death Notice
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Friday, October 27, 1905
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Bernice Verna, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Volstad passed away last Sunday afternoon after an illness of about ten days.

The funeral was held in the M.E. church Wednesday afternoon, was conducted by Rev. Dietrichson and Peter Knutson of Clear Lake. The sympathy of the community goes out to the parents in their bereavement. The following verses were written in memory of the little one:

Our dear little darling gone
To join the Heavenly song,
In the mansions above
With the God that we love,
Our darling is safe evermore.

Your stay was so short, little dear,
We just got acquainted while here;
But in Heaven we'll meet
At our dear Saviour's feet,
And never no never more part.

It seemed as our hearts here would break
When Jesus our darling did take,
But our Lord knoweth best
And soon with the rest,
We'll praise him far better than here.

Good-by little darling good-by,
O Lord! brush the tears from our eyes.
Thy smile was so sweet;
Lord grant that we meet
Up yonder on streets of pure gold.