Arnold Sharp obituary

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Woodbury cemetery is very unlikely to be the "new cemetery on James Goslee's farm" since the first burial was in 1856 at Woodbury.
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Wednesday, August 5, 1891
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SHARP -- In London, Freeborn county, Tuesday evening, July 28, Arne Sharp, aged 18 years.

He had been out hunting that day on Archie Lang's, his uncle's, farm. While in the field with others he exclaimed "Oh, my head," and fell dead before any one reached him. It is pronounced a case of heart failure. He was the oldest son of a widowed mother, whose principal support he was. A sister and brother, both younger, survive. The funeral was on Thursday at the Goslee school house. The funeral sermon was preached by Elder Giberson, of Lyle. He was buried in the new cemetery on James Goslee's farm. Mrs. C. M. Rice, who was his earliest teacher for two terms in London, and afterwards for a year here in Austin, speaks of him as a bright, intelligent, exceedingly well disposed youth.