Arius Johnson Suddenly Dies.

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Wednesday, January 4, 1911
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Arius Johnson Suddenly Dies.

Again the grim reaper has visited our community but this time it was not to take one who bad lived the allotted time of three score and ten but a young man, who until a short time ago had been in his usual health. We refer to the sudden death of Arius Johnson, who passed away Saturday morning about four o'clock. As the news became known nearly every heart was touched with sympathy for the young wife, who is left to face life alone and mourn for the one who can no longer love and care for her. His sudden death emphasizes again the uncertainty of life and should serve as a warning to all, to be ready for in such an hour as we think not the summons cometh.

Arius Johnson was born August 18th, 1879 in Mitchell county, Iowa, and was married to Miss Louise Running, Sept. 22, 1909. Besides the wife, he is survived by his father, Ingebrit Johnson, and two brothers, Elmer and Carl of this vicinity, and three sisters, Mrs. John Lenth of Buffalo Springs, N. D., Mrs. Berk, of Minneapolis, and Mrs. J. H. Hughes of Lyle.

Mr. Johnson has always lived in this vicinity and since last May has been employed as bartender In the A. B. Olson saloon. His jovial, happy disposition had won for him many friends who regret his untimely death.

The deceased carried an insurance policy of $2000 with the Indemnity Life and Accident Company of Minneapolis, which he has just recently taken out. --Lyle Tribune.