Another Car Gas Victim

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Wednesday, March 26, 1930
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(Stacyville Monitor)

Joseph Attlesey, well-known Stacyville mill operator and auctioneer, was found dead, sitting at the wheel in his car in his garage at his home on Monday morning.

Sunday morning he told his son, Harry, and wife, with whom he made his home; that he was going to Mitchell to spend the day with his sister, Mrs. Mary Warrington. They, too, left on a little trip, and when they arrived home and found him still away, supposed that he had stayed that night at his sister's home.

On opening the garage doors Monday forenoon, they found his body in the car, with every indication that he had been overcome by gas fumes, as traces of them still lingered in the garage. The gas tank of the car was entirely empty, showing that the engine had run until the fuel was gone. It is believed that the wind had blown the door shut before he drove out.

Coroner Shelledy was called and pronounced death caused by monoxide gas.

Mr. Attlesey was 68 years of age, and as he operated the grist mill at Stacyville for a number of years, was well and favorably known in the county. He is survived by two other children: Dan of Austin and Mrs. Blanche Weber of Taopi.

Burial is to be made at Cedar City cemetery near Austin today.