Alice Cressey obituary

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Thursday, July 29, 1875
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Miss Alice M. Cressey, daughter of Rev. A. and Hannah Cressey, died of cerebretis, in Morristown, Rice county, Minn., on Thursday, 22d inst., in her 19th year. Her remains were brought here and her funeral attended at Cedar City by a large number of relatives and friends. The services were conducted by Rev. C. J. Hays, assisted by Rev. L. Hall.

Alice was born at Cedar City, and when she was seven years old her father entered the traveling ministry of the M. E. Church in this State. She was converted at the age of 12 years, and lived an earnest and beautiful christian, endearing many hearts to her because of her unselfish and benevolent nature, cultured and fashioned after the image of Christ. Her expressed purpose and desire was to live for the glory of God.

The master has called her into the "excellent glory." While engaged in her favorite avocation--teaching school, the fatal disease made its approach, and in two weeks she closed her eyes to earth, to open them in heaven.

"Early, bright, transient, chaste as morning dew,
She sparkled, was exhaled and went to heaven."